How to Get the Cheapest One-Way Flights?


Because of the advancements in technology and increased efficiency, the overall cost of flying has been consistently decreasing for the last three decades. However, airlines seem to be reluctant in passing on those benefits to their customers. Yes, that is absolutely true. One of the biggest reasons why airline companies exploit their clientele is that you have not educated yourself regarding how to efficiently book the cheapest one-way flights. Following are some effective tips and techniques that will assist you for sure.

Search Solo

Regardless if you are planning to travel with a group or family, it is always advised to search for only one passenger. The reason behind it is that airlines are bound to offer tickets at one price for all the passengers that are a part of single booking, unless there are some seniors or children of course. For instance, if you want to make booking for two people, and there is merely one seat that is available for $200. Now suppose there is another seat with price tag of $220. In this case, the results of your search will show that you will have to pay $220 for each seat.

Searching for each passenger separately is a great technique to find the cheapest one-way flights. However, there is one potential downside to this strategy. When you search individually you might have the risk of getting seats allocated in different sections of the airplane. But if you nicely ask the ground staff, they will most likely assist you in the reallocation of your seats when you check-in.

Go Incognito While Searching

It is somewhat a controversial topic. Many large airlines and flight search engines make use of cookies in order to follow your searches. By doing that airlines can suddenly increase the prices of tickets to shock you and make you book right away. In order to steer clear of such tactics of airline companies, you can go incognito in your web browser when you begin your search for the cheapest one-way flights. It is imperative to keep in mind that if you are already signed in to any of your account, it would be possible for your browser to track your search history. So, be careful about these things.

Try to Search out the Cheapest Point of Departure

Most people do not pay attention to this particular point. However, it can be significantly helpful in finding inexpensive flights. If there is over one airport available in the close proximity, you must compare their flight routes. It would not hurt if you have to drive some extra kilometers to reach the other airport that might help you save plenty of cash by allowing you to book cheapest one-way flights. It is a pretty clever approach to give your vacation some extension simply by adding several locations along your expedition and saving a good deal of money all together.

Book Connecting Flights Yourself

Separately booking every single leg of your journey can be way cheaper as compared to making this done in one consolidated transaction. Booking connecting flights on your own will give you the opportunity to select the cheapest one-way flights instead of sticking to your original airline company or its partners.

However, when you execute this strategy it is critical to leave an adequate amount of time in which you can carry out your transfers. In case you are using the connecting flight of the same airline, set aside at least two hours for transfer. For the different airlines, transfer time must not be less than three hours. During these hours you will be able to take care of luggage, immigration and security checks again.